Ventilators, spare parts and dampers


All types of industrial fans (standard, special, centrifugal and propeller fans) adapted to customers’ specific requirements, for flow rates of up to 200,000 m3/h and pressures of up to 40,000 Pa.

Special fans for very high temperatures (up to 900°C) or for very difficult operating conditions (abrasion, corrosion, etc.).


We manufacture all spare parts:

(Rotors, propellers, casings, etc.) based on blueprints or models.

We measure the models.

On the strength of over 30 years experience, our design office calculates the stresses and draws up blueprints to manufacture parts.


Dampers are used to insulate ducts or adjust flow rates and pressure.

Therefore, they can be used for insulation or adjustment or for both.

They can be controlled manually, pneumatically or electrically.

Dampers can be:

  • circular (“butterfly”),
  • rectangular (with 1 or more blades)
  • guillotine.

Operating temperature of up to 800°C.

Tightness of up to 99.5%.