• Complete maintenance and repair of all types of industrial fans, including all brands and capacities
  • 24/7 emergency response – on-call service
  • Assembly and installation of fans and ducts (extraction and return)
  • Vibration measurements and diagnoses
  • Aeraulic measurements
  • Static and dynamic balancing operations on site using portable balancing machines
  • Aligning all shaft lines using a laser appliance

Consultancy and services


  • Maintenance strategy solutions
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Comprehensive maintenance solutions for rotating machinery
  • Modification, modernisation and improvement of drive systems
  • Machines with plain bearings.


  • Bespoke maintenance contracts
  • Comprehensive contracts and management of stocks of machinery
  • Predictive maintenance contracts (checking vibrations, laser alignments, balancing, etc.)

Operations on site and at the workshop

  • Dismantling and reassembling rotating machinery on site (motors, pumps, reducers, compressors, rollers, etc.)
  • Installing online and offline vibration monitoring systems
  • Carrying out checks, diagnoses, maintenance and replacement of plain bearings
  • Removing and babbitting bearings
  • Manufacturing and assembling chassis for motors and drive systems
  • Manufacturing parts and mechanical components according to blueprints or manufacturing bespoke components
  • On-site assembly and commissioning of new installations
  • Repairs in the workshop: motors, pumps, reducers, boosters, rollers, etc.

Balancing operations in the workshop

Balancing operations in the workshop are carried out using a computer-controlled CEMB HOFFMANN Z4500 GGV balancing machine which balances fan wheels, cylinders, pump impellers, braces, flywheels, turbines, etc.


  • 4,500 kg between bearings
  • 2,500 kg cantilevered
  • Maximum diameter: 1,900 mm between bearings – 2,300 mm cantilevered
  • Maximum working length between bearings: 1,970 mm, with possibility of extending it to 4,500 mm
  • 22 KW direct current driving motor.