Industrial ventilation

Artiliège also plays an active role in air purification and industrial ventilation.

All activities produce a certain amount of waste that enters the working environment – dust, sawdust, droplets, etc.

To allow you to comply with environmental standards and ensure the well-being of your employees, Artiliège helps you develop suitable solutions.

Based on your requirements, we offer the following types of solutions:

  • Ventilation at workstations and confined areas, etc.
  • Extraction of: welding fumes, toxic vapours, gases emitted by testing laboratories, etc.
  • Centralised extraction of dust (quarries, cement plants, paper mills, fertilizer plants, etc.), shavings (sawmills, workshops, etc.) and many other applications. Our installations are usually fitted with a very efficient filter and exhaust fan. Most of the filters installed are manufactured in our workshops and ensure filtration levels of over 99%, with flow rates of up to 60,000 m³/h.
  • Ventilation for power substations, compressor rooms and other overheated rooms.
  • Aeraulic measurements of flow rates and ratios.
  • A design office to study ventilation system modifications and/or improvements.
  • The sizing of duct networks and calculations of pressure drops.